Saturday, October 13, 2007

standing still

You are standing there waiting. Waiting for something to happen. Then you realize while you were thinking it just happened. You feel like your ready to fall down like you just ended your love. The one person you are meant to be with just disappeared. Everything changes in a split second you are alone. Standing in the middle of a white blank room. Suddenly it erupts from down below. A scream of terror, of wonder, of just being there to feel something other than what you need to be. What society throws on to you to capture who you like or want to like. And the true question is where you got these feelings to begin with. How everything starts and how everything ends. All these questions of people around you make you wonder. All of a sudden you can't think you can't move and then it truly ends. Then it begins fresh new something that is untouchable and beyond your control. You are feeling refreshed renewed and then you get that feeling of doubt that keeps coming back. You think it will start over and just be like it used to be. A new found confidence with something lacking. You can tell, you just know, you just feel. All the things around you get bigger with a new day and you gain the strength to move on.


I feel like I am the only one that wonders how it feels just to end what your doing just to stop and say this is good or this is bad I feel like just being there to stand on the edge to help someone may save your life and theirs bye just one little hello or goodbye we all wonder what did I just do Then u think back and say I made a friend or an enemy people want to be perceived as who they want to be not who they are they need to trust in themselves and be who they are life is just gonna change when they do it will turn for the good.